60 seconds to a more adventurous you.

Written by Jesse

Topics: Backyard Adventurist

Remember when you would play in the clothes rack at the department store? Remember when you would go run around the woods or swim in the lake or river, without supervision and especially if someone (probably a parent) told you not to. Remember when seeing what was behind the grocery store or riding your bike down some dirt trail you had never been down gave you that thrill of anticipation? Well why did you stop? Social convention? Got too busy? Guess what, it has made you boring and irritable. You’re not having fun.

Travel and adventure are about having new experiences. The easiest way to have new experiences is to go someplace new. This exercise is to get you thinking about all the places near you everyday that you’ve never been. You are less than 60 seconds from being the more adventurous you. If you have time to read this, you have time to do something adventurous. This is not about the adventure of a lifetime, right now it is about getting your adventurer’s attitude and thinking going. Wherever you are, home or office or the middle of coffee shop, you have 10 minutes to go explore somewhere you have never been before. If someone asks what you are doing, tell them you were curious.

That floor in the building you have never been to – like the top one or the basement, there is always more adventure on the fringe. Use the bathroom or vending machine on a floor you have never been to.
That area of the building with all the locked cages, go see what people have stored there.
Go to the next building over and look around.
Go behind the building you are in and see what is there. What do the business look like from behind? Is there and undeveloped area behind? Is there a business in the corner of the building that you never knew about?

If you are home, go to the nearest block or even ally way that you have never been to. Walk around a little, explore. Are there any interesting yards, homes, small business?

STOP READING and leave already.

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