Always be prepared for an Adventure

Written by Jesse

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I was never a Boy Scout (Indian Guides for me) but the idea holds the same. Adventurers are leaders and leaders are prepared. This doesn’t mean having a trunk full of outdoor gear or a 120 liter pack with the entire REI catalog in it. When you are prepared, you have the ability to take advantage of dynamic situations. You also show yourself to be a leader. I harp on the leadership point because as a leader you will have influence with your family, friends and co-workers. Adventures are almost always more fun when shared. And since you care about the health and well being of your family, friends, co-workers and random people you meet along your path in life, you will want to share experiences with them that you will both treasure and grow from. You may never know the impact simple weekend camping trip may have on someones life who has never spent a night in the woods. But you have to be prepared.

Preparedness mindmap

I needed a graphic

Another benefit from being prepared is that when things start to unravel, as they tend to do, instead of panicking you can focus on resolving the situation. Probably the greatest example of preparedness and leadership is the Lewis and Clark expedition. I highly recommend getting a copy and reading the annotated version of the journals.

How I am going to help: one of the continuing themes in this blog will deal with small, simple ways to be prepared. From what basic equipment you should have, why and how to use it; to easy and fun skills to acquire that can go a long way. I will also give examples and challenges to help you develop unconventional thinking; like what items in your first aid kit can be used to help build a fire and make a torch.

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