BBQ again

Written by Jesse

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May 18th. I made my way down to Lockhart, about two hours from Kingsland. I stopped because this is suppose to be the Bar-B-Que Capital of Texas. I decided I would try one of the local flavors for dinner. If you are unaware, there is a barbecue family feud here. Smitty’s and Krinck’s (?) are owned by two people from the same family. When they inherited the business, they each had seperate ideas on how it should be run, so they split it. I’ve been told one got the building, the other got the name and both are pretty much the same. They were open for lunch so I was surprised to find them closed for dinner. So as a last resort, I went to Black’s. Now maybe it is just me, but I expect something from the “Oldest Texas Bar-B-Q run by the same family since 1932”. I won’t go into details, but don’t waste your money. Eat at the DQ if you have too. Its not that it was bad, it just wasn’t anything special. My local supermarket does brisket better!

Not wanting to get in the middle of a family feud, I opted out of trying either Smitty’s or Krink’s and headed out of Lockhart about 11am. I stopped in Giddings about 12:30 for lunch and had the best bbq pork ribs I have ever had at the City Meat Market. I was able to get some wifi time thanks to Maggie at the UT extension office.

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