Cafe’ con Piernas

Written by Jesse

Topics: Adventures, Chile

Before we get to the coffee with legs, we have to get to Chile. The trip was uneventful from my dorm till part way across the Andes.  It seems a storm built unexpectedly in front of us and the air suddenly got rough.  Although people were out of their seats, the pilot banked the plane about 20 degrees left to fly around the storm. Along with the turn, he pitched the nose up. The effect was that those standing had time to get to their seats without being tossed about the cabin. The rest of the ride was a little bouncy, but nothing like where the storm popped up.  When we landed in Santiago the plane erupted into applause.

The weather in Santiago is great. Not to humid with a cool breeze blowing in. So I met a guy who is original from Santiago staying here at the hostel. He offered up a tour to which I accepted.  Along with a history lesson and some great architecture, I was exposed to a uniquely Chilean experience. Coffee with Legs.

I have a picture, but it was taken with a promise not to post, getting a picture in one of these places is a rarity. So I will describe it. Up top you have a Hooters style shirt, the bottoms are a string bikini, and the shoes are normally 3 – 5 inch heals. This is a stand up coffee bar. And guess what, the coffee is great, and cheap. I had two cafe’ con letche  for 3.00 US.  Tip was the usually 10% which equated to $.50 US.  These establishments only operate 9am – 9pm Mon – Fri, NO ALCOHOL. These are not seedy envirnments. Men will usually have a Morning coffee then one or two at lunch before heading back to work. Also, I was told by my host that hinting that these girls were up for anything other than serving coffee, at work or outside, is taken with great insult. I am not sure we have the maturity in the US to handle this sort of thing? The establishments with the least amount of dress have mirrored widows so you cant get a free look however, the original ones  you can look in  on from the streets. The women there are wearing more of a dress that has a short skirt. The coffee rail is set at such a hight that the hem and middle 5  – 6 inches of her body are obscured. The effect is a well dressed woman up top serving coffee, and a nice set of legs underneath the bar.  You half expect at any moment for the top to go one direction and the legs the other in some sort of cartoon gag.

Well, I am going to take my camera and get some pics of Santiago’s more  stationary  beauty. Then some midday coffee. Who wants to join me?

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