Car Copulation

Written by Jesse

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Alright campers, check your maps. If’n you ainta seein’ a tent there next to that there tree markin’ the State Park, ainta no camping. I had decided I was going to spend the night at Longhorn Cavern State Park, only problem is that they don’t have any campsites; and Inks Lake fills up fast. So after reconnoitering the area, I settled on a spot with a great view overlooking the valley with Kingsland and part of the Colorado River. This one is for you Ian, not a Historical Marker; I looked for one; but a picnic area. This was better than anything I could have gotten in the S.P. The view was fantastic and the twilight sky was great. I did not pitch my tent, just lay out in my sleeping bag liner – no bag on this trip – inside my bivi sack. I ended up having to pull my riding jack over me since it got cold, at least the wind wasn’t blowing. Staying asleep proved difficult up till after midnight though. Turns out this particular area doubles as the local lover’s lane. Being Saturday night, I had a steady flow of intoxicated adolescent copulation. One beau even announced to his date in his proudest Texas twang, “I told ya I was taken ya someplace romantic! Now ain’t this romantic?” – Now that there is some sweet talkin.

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  1. Maggie Beasley says:


    Great to meet you this afternoon. Glad you made Giddings one of your stops. Enjoyed the pictures and write-ups in your blog. I’ll check back and follow your trip. Go with God, for He is good!


  2. Ian H says:

    Stick to the historical markers, you can’t go wrong no one ever stops at them!

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