Chillan and the Falls

Written by Jesse

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September 2, 2009

I spent the night in a little bare spot next to the road just 200 meters from the falls. While the first night out I had wrestled around trying to sleep in the front while Levi slept in the back and the girls in their crate, last night I had an idea that worked out well. Again the girls went in the crate but this time Levi stayed up front, and I pushed the back seat cover up into a tent like apperatus and slept under it. With the center consol in the upright position, this gives me a cuppy that completely conceals me, blocks most of any security lighting and adds traps some of my heat. In this fashion I was able to sleep well last night in my light sleeping and cover even though it got below freezing.

The falls themselves are the kind of place you would come if you lived within an hour. I can see hoping on a motorcycle or jumping in the convertible with girl and coming here for a romantic outing on a warm Sping or Indian Summer day. There is a paved trail that runs to the top of the falls and many restraunts and cafés to rest at after the little hike.

Afternoon / Evening September 2

After lunch and a nap, the dogs and I were pretty borded of the falls area and so I decided to take a jont up to Chillian on a whim. Consulting my guide, which is the COPEC Chiletur 09, it looked as though there were several things to see in Chillan. The first one was once the house of the Liberator Bernard O’Higgins. Arriving in Chillian from the south, this house would be on my way into town and the first stop. Tourist disappointed, the park around the house and area was being modernized. This meant scaffolding and constructions crews everywhere and the place was closed. Heading into centro, the guide book had a Mercado in a catherdral marked. I passed the Mercado and knew I was going to have to come for a stroll. The catherdral is on the edge of the plaze in the center of town, so I was able to park here. After a peak in an around the catherdral, I headed over to the mercado. Laid out in an X with one half of the long axis being dry good and clothing, souviners and such and the other being the fruit and vegetable market. By the time I arrived, the food side was all but shutdown which left a grewsome scene of produce carnage. With lettuce leaves, squashed tomatoes, bits o carrot and the like, one could have made enough vegetable soup to feed 100 people just from the aftermath.

I left Chillian with the impression of a Santiago style city on a much smaller scale. Not only the mercado, but the walking avanue in through the middle of town; an old cobblestone street, now shut to anything but foot traffic. I got an ice cream for 550 pesos instead of the 1000 in Villarrica and if I had needed them, eggs where 990 – 1000 pesos for a dozen instead of the usual 1350 also in Villarrica.

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