Cut N Shoot

Written by Jesse

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Spent Monday night on the sandy banks of the Trinity river in East Texas; after getting lost a couple of times. The standard Texas road map does not have details about back roads, so if you are going to be using FMs and such, get the Texas Backroads Atlas. Along the way went through a town call Cut N Shoot. I was told that the town’s people take upholding this name very seriously; it’s how they use to treat outsiders, take you pick. I don’t know if this is true or not but an interesting story none the less.

As you can see from the pictures below, the Trinity River banks are sandy. While spending the night here was great, the sand and humidity became issues the next morning. Also, I am seeing a pattern with secluded primitive camp sites; they are popular with teenagers of driving age. Although the trucks were a good 300 ft. away, I could here every word on the radio till about 10pm. I think I can credit it being Monday night for having only two visitors. Interestingly, there are some permanent residents living in large tents under the bridge. Two nice guys, one woman and a mean ass chihuahua.

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