dichotomy, gastronomy, juxtaposition and genuflection

Written by Jesse

Topics: Adventures, Chile

So ugly things first. Someone broke the sacred trust of the hostel and stole some property yesterday. One guy had 400 dollars and a new sony vaio laptop stolen and my small camera.

Now onto other things. I would say about the only Chile has in common with Argentina or Uruguay is Spanish and even that is a different dialect here. Were to former countries have more of an Italian influence to there speaking, which is very sexy, the later is more formal. Also, it seems like the people of Argentina or at least BsAs live very much in the moment and like they expect everything to collapse at any moment – which is fun, but exhausting – Chile is more structured, I would say Chile is like the Germany of SA and it has some strong influences from that culture. Oh and don’t even think of trying to bribe a Chilean cop; you’d be lucky if all he or she did was break your fingers.

There are interesting architectural views where you have 400 year old and 4 year old buildings in the same view.

The food is nothing out of the ordinary, just slight variations. Asking for an Italino will get you a hot dog on a bun with avacado and cheese. You can get two and a bottle of beer for $2 dollars US.

So the food here is not helping me loose weight. I love ice cream and it is very good all over. Today, I had miel de olum. Think honey with vanilla ice cream. MMMMMmmmmm……

Yesterday, I was hanging out with my roommate who is a Cuban guy from Miami. He was going to get his picture taken with a Palace guard and the guy was all for it till he say my Cuban friends Che’ / Homer shirt. They are apparently sensitive down here about that still. The police force has worked very hard to regain the peoples’ trust after the years of dictatorship.

Think I am going to go get some coffee, hehehe.

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