Engineered Madness

Written by Jesse

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After packing up my wet sandy gear from Trinity River bank, I proceeded to drop the bike. In my defense, it was sandy and I was trying to pull onto the highway with spining out. No scrapes on the bike however, it broke the right foot rest bracket. It held till Lafayette, LA where it completely broke off; luckily I was able to pick up the peg. I rode without a right peg for about and hour or so with my right foot on the back peg. This part has to be ordered so I had to get somewhere I did not mind being for a few days, and that was not in Louisiana. A quick trip to a parts store yielded a 4″ L bracket. Casey at Robert’s Parts in Covington, LA went out of his way to drill out the screw hole to get the bolt through. I original tried it in the vertical position on the front bolt, but the bracket can’t take much weight that way. I changed it over to the back bolt in the horizontal position and it is much stronger and almost even with the other peg; it feels better this way.

I made it to the Gulf Coast of Mississippi too late to get to the Biloxi Suzuki dealer on Tuesday, but was able to have a bracket overnighted and should have it today. I will be leaving out of here and get deep into FL tonight. I should be able to make Tallahassee or Live Oak today and then down to Daytona area for the weekend.

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