Favorite Local Foods – Chile

Written by Jesse

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Do you have locally grown food? I was thinking about this last night as I went out back to get a mint leaf for my tea. In no specific order, my list goes like this:

mint – my girlfriend keeps this in the garden year round. At night I can just go out an get a leaf to drop in some hot water for an herbal tea.

poleo mint – grows wild locally, I use like the mint but has a slightly different flavor. I like it more than regular mint.

digueñes – a type of mushroom that grows in trees here in September and you collect by throwing a stick into the tree and try to know the mushrooms down to collect.

cherimoya – also known as custard-apple or sugar-apple in some parts, this is a sweet delicious fruit.

blueberries – turns out that I live in one of the best blueberry growing regions of the world. As a result, blueberries run me about 1/7th the cost of in the USA.

What’s yours?

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  1. Ken says:

    What’s the happening? Mint huh? Seems like the right climate for it. Never could grow the stuff myself. Still trying to figure out the local quisine here, maybe “mountain oysters” I guess with sugar beet sauce! LOL How’s the mutt? Levi been on walk-abouts anymore? The girls are fine, Shadow showing her age but still keeping up with Lady. Later Man.

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