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One of the things I have always loved about travel is the people you meet. I met a couple of Dutch origin who have bicycled from San Diego to the Atlantic and are now going down to Ft. Myers. – for all you in Lubbok, they also said the friendliest people they met were in Texas. Totally not the image that Texans have in Europe. So, while looking for a place to camp Saturday night because the local state park was $30 for the night for a rustic site; I met Bob and Arma. I was stopped on a dirt road that had just a few houses, trying to decide where to go when Bob approached me. I explained what I was doing and her offered to drive me around the area and see if we could find a dry place to camp. We returned to his property with a great spot and that is when Bob and Arma insisted that I spend the night in their guest house, complete with kitchen, shower, bed, air and, washer and dryer. Knowing better than to turn down this kind of hospitality, I accepted. Then next morning they sent me off only after stuffing me full of ham and eggs and two cups of coffee. Along with Sabre; the dog, they made me feel like family.

The next night, while searching for a campsite along the Indian River, I ran into Tom and Alex. Tom works for the railroad and Alex is from the Philippines. They were on there way back to Jacksonville from the Key when they decided to stop and do a little fishing. At Alex’s insistence, Tom broke out the beer and brauts and I broke out my burner and pan. We sat around till almost dark and had a couple of beers and brats right there on the waterfront. Talking about possible oversees travel, Alex gave me her email address and said if I decide to go to Philippines to contact her. Her sister and brother in law still live there and they could meet me at the airport and help me get a place to stay without getting ripped off. Also, then I could see places that wouldn’t necessarily be “safe” for me without a native. According to both of them it is really cheap to live there. Rent on an apartment is about $20 a month. Also, it is just a short flight to Thailand and Australia should I decide to go. Do I need to plan a group trip?

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  1. Ian H says:

    I got a little confused, I thought the Dutch couple where who you were staying with. But they were just biking around.
    Thats cool that you have met so many generous people.

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