How do you make a motorcycle float?

Written by Jesse

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Put it on a boat. To be specific, a ferry. Yesterday morning when I arrived at the Alabama Welcome center, I intended on taking I-10 to Mobile and go from there. That all changed when I saw there is a ferry that goes across Mobile Bay from Dauphin Island. The ferry was leaving at 2pm and it was 12:30 with a 45 minute ride. This was great, I would not loose anytime and get a lift out of the deal. The ride down was much like the the Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi small towns I had been through. Nice old homes near the center and dilapidated new homes on the fringe with an occasional beach mansion to confuse the property values. Dauphin Island look nice and is on my list to return to and spend about two to three days. However, the piece de resistance is Alabama’s Gulf Shores; I had no idea Alabama had anything this nice. I have been to many seaside communities and vacation spots and I am looking forward to spending a week of doing nothing but hanging out with that someone special in one of the seaside houses.

Immediately after pulling off the ferry, I was met with the ruins of an old coastal artillery battery begging exploration. The concrete structure is all that is left of Battery Dearborn, part of the Ft. Morgan State Park complex. Military history buff should read up on the complex which consist of successive numbers of coastal defense systems starting with Ft. Morgan.

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