Land Between the Lakes

Written by Jesse

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After seeing some relatives in the Ohio Valley, I started my way back to TX. Heading out of Hillsboro, OH, I took route 62/68 down into Lexington, KY. The ride wound down through classic, small, mid-west towns full of old homes. Crossing the Ohio river into Kentucky, I immediately noticed something odd along the highway. About every half mile to a mile was a road-side yard sale. Much of the stuff was junk but, I could tell that there were some interesting and perhaps useful items, as I went speeding by. Anything from, meat grinders, to motorcycles, model trains to tractors were available at bargain prices. Finally, the explanation appeared before me; 400 mile yard sale. The coordinated 400 mile, yard sale, flea market, junk, antique, estate sale was under way.

In Lexington, I picked up the Bluegrass Parkway, which, connecting to the Western Kentucky Parkway, stretches from Lexington diagonally southwest to I-24 near the Kentucky/Tennessee border. Here in this little traveled corner of the US lay one of the largest, and from what I can tell, most underused national recreational areas in America; the Land Between the Lakes. Lakes Kentucky and Barkley were created by damming the Tennessee and Cumberland rivers and a forty mile stretch of incredible recreation area between the two came into existence as an afterthought.

I camped overnight at Hillman Ferry campground but you can get a pass for back country camping. Staked out along Pisgah Bay I was able to go swimming in Lake Kentucky’s warm waters and had easy access to some trails. Two highlights along the campground trails are the Bohanan cemetery and the lake overlook.

On my way back from the lake overlook, I stumbled across a deer who did not immediately spook and I was able to get a shot of her.

With the camping, hiking, hunting, boating, ATV and dirt bike and horse riding areas this place should be on anyone’s vacation agenda; unless your thing is NYC shopping.

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  1. brisky says:

    To bad you missed Rough River Lake in Kentucky

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