Laundry Day

Written by Jesse

Topics: Adventures, Motorcycle trip

Today was laundry day. Not because it is Sunday and I have time or anything like that, but because it will be 25 degrees cel. This is warm enough to get good drying on the clothes line and there is a light wind so as not to blow my cloths on the ground, but provide for even more drying action. Although I have a washing machine, it is of little use for more than getting the clothes wet. So, laundry is done in the tub. Hot water, washing soap and agitate.  I have already found that letting the clothes sit in the tub for an hour goes a long way to getting them clean. It is interesting to see how dirty my laundry is by how black the water is when I am done.  Then there is drying. Like I said I dry my laundry on the line. Ihave found that I am very conscience about wringing as much water out of my clothes as possible. All this sounds so basic, but you don´t ever think about it until you have to do it.

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