Oh deer!

Written by Jesse

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The first stop on this trip was Ft. Davis, TX. Then I was going to to Del Rio by way of Alpine and Marathon. I spent the night at the Ft. Davis SP. The morning of May 10, after breaking camp, I headed out at about 7:30am; plenty of light. At about 7:40am, accelerating out of a turn, I encountered two deer. The first one jumped into the road on a collision course with me, as I went to steer right – thinking I would go behind it – the second deer entered my escape path. At this point I was doing between 40 and 50 mph and was less than 10 feet from the first deer which was traveling right to left and was not yet directly in front of me. I applied the breaks VERY HARD. The next thing I remember is sliding across the asphalt after having tumbled a bit. I heard the mirror on the bike break and I came to a stop in the road, on my back. As a side note, if you ever find yourself in this situation, GET OUT OF THE ROAD. Jumping to my feet I ran to the shoulder of the road; and shook the cobwebs out of my head. Locating my bike, I got it up and off to the side of the road. A quick evaluation determined it to be ridable, so after fueling up in Ft. Davis, I rode back to Lubbock. Now in possession of replacement parts I will be heading back out tomorrow. My new route will take me down 84 via Abilene.

A bit on safety gear. Several people encouraged me to buy the very best protective gear for this trip. This meant one of two riding suits; the Aerostitch or the Motoport two piece mesh Kevlar. I went with the Motoport because they had what I needed in stock. The only part of me injured that was covered by the suit is a cherry on my left knee where something tore through the Kevlar. There are indications that a some point, the motorcycle briefly went over my left leg in some capacity. The only other injuries are a scratch on each wrist and one one the palm of my left hand, all from my gloves not doing as good a job as they could have. I have better gloves but was not wearing them because they are not as warm as the ones I did have on. My left ankle is stiff and swollen but appears to be OK. My left boot has some holes in it and my helmet needs a new visor; the face of it is scratched up but no cracks and still works. I believe one of the two deer was injured, but not fatally. I have to replace my camera, which was broken in the wreck; I hope to have some pictures of the motorcycle and gear up soon.

On the way back from Ft. Davis, I saw several riders with no helmet, tank tops, shorts and the like. All I have to say is that if I was dressed like that, I would either be in a hospital or a pine box.

Look for new post from the road starting the beginning of next week.

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  1. Ian H says:

    HOLY SHIT DUDE! Don’t die scooting around out there! Glad to hear your not mangled and your bike is still ridable. Next time, stop, shoot, and roll on. It’s just a slight adaptation of the caught on fire slogan. But it saves… much like Jesus.

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