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The Banana River is not like what most people think of when they think river. It is really a permanent flood plane that is so shallow you can almost walk across it. In order to make it possible for water craft larger than a canoe to travel it, a channel has been dredged. The effect is a series of small, uninhabited islands in the river where vegetation has grown. These islands have become favorite party spots for anyone who can swim, paddle, row, sail or motor up.

While I like a good party, I also like my time alone. The pictures below is my campsite along the Indian River and sunrise the next morning.

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  1. Katie (aka: Sis) says:

    Hey Bro
    I am missing you. It looks like you are having a blast. I am a bit jealous. Good to see some pics of the old homefront. Reminds me why I am not in a hurry to get back there. Doing laundry has a totally different meaning for you than I. Keep on keepin’ on. See you when the road stops calling and not a moment sooner.

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