Pathways and Passageways

Written by Jesse

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Although I am an adult, I still have quite a bit of wanderlust. A couple of things that I have a particular weakness for are large culverts and certain types of bridges. The kind of culverts that draw me are the kind that serve as portholes in a large earthen mound. I just have to go peer through to the enchanted land beyond. I have a fantasy about finding one large enough for me and my motorcycle to camp in; spending the night between two lands but in neither of them.

The bridges that can create this same feeling of curiosity are not the concrete flyovers found in cities and major highways, but ones that have the feel of a passageway. Again, a crossing to a magical land with unknown possibilities and adventures. Here in the Appalachians, I have found this same feeling with rural train tracks. As you stand next to the tracks and peer in either direction, the tracks disappear in the the mountains and woodlands. What mystery lays beyond?

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  1. Ian H says:

    You alright there capin? I’m not sure about this post.

  2. Katie (aka: Sis) says:

    This is for Ian H

    Take it from someone who knows him well, he is finally getting alright. This kind of talk is a good thing when it comes to him.

    Glad to see you are getting there, bro!

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