Punta del Diablo

Written by Jesse

Topics: Adventures, Uruguay

Strangely, I have noticed a distinct lack of Americans the last three days. It seems that Americans stick to the “safer” areas. Well that is a sure fire way to miss out on the best parts of a country. Most people coming to Uruguay will end up in Montevideo and for beach side entertainment at Punta del Este. Skip it. Stuff some shorts, t-shirts, sandles and sunscreen in a bag and get to Punta del Diablo. This and Cabo Polonio are the secret hideouts for those in the know. Here you will find travelers from Switzerland, Australia, France, Germany, Uruguay and Argentina, but few from the States. This place is best described as Cocoa Beach, Florida in the early ’50s. There are three hostels in town and the one I am staying at opened in January of this year. It is run by an Uruguayan of Italian descent. Also, you can rent surf boards and take surf lessons from the 15 year old surf rat Diago.

It is Thursday February 5th and here is a run down of todays events:

Woke up to see the Sun come up over the Atlantic Ocean a block away. Went back to sleep.

Woke up about 9:30am, got some breakfast.

Come back to the residence, did some laundry, read and hung out till lunch. Ate.

About 2pm, went to the beach. Swam, surfed and got some Sun for about 1 hour.

Come back to the hostel, went for a walk around town. Did some window shopping. If you are a woman into necklaces, leave your money at home or you will go broke here.

Took some pictures while out.

About 6pm I went shopping for dinner for tonight. .28 kg of tomatoes, 100grams of cheese, a bottle of Cabernet. Cucumber and pasta for 155 pesos or just under $6. The tomatoes, cucumber, pasta, cheese and olives will last more than one meal. I have half a baquet from this morning that cost 17 pesos. So I will get 2 – 3 meals out of this. Also the hostel chef is laying in some muscles for this evening.

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