Salto del Laja and Concepcion

Salto del Laja and Concepcion

Written by Jesse

Topics: Chile

Afternoon September 1

I returned to the lookout with the canons after having some roast chicken and french fries – man they love their fries in Chile. The dogs rested outside in the Sun while I took a nap and got in about 1.5 hours of rest. When I awoke, I took the footpath leading down to the coast about ¾ of the way and saw that it does indeed go all the way down to the little point playa. However, I did not go to the beach. This along with a walking tour of the city and possibly a trip to the mines, I left undone. I like knowing that if I ever return I already have a list of activities to explore. I then headed off to drift through the museum and house of the Cosiño family. With reading the placards and gazing at several of the photos and artifacts, the whole thing took me about 20 minutes. Beautiful house with large rooms, wide halls and a Sun room on the second floor, but rubish when compared with the gardens. I think I would live in the lighthouse instead.

Leaving Lota, I headed back to Concepcion to locate a bookstore. It took well over an hour to find the mall and then about 15 minutes to discover that again, I was not about to pay 20 dollars for an 11.95 book. My sister had theorized that it seems as though all they do here is take the price in dollars, add a zero and call it pesos. For example, the 11.95 book, was 11,950 pesos. At and exchange rate of about 550, that makes the book $21.73 – even if it is Bill Bryce, that is still too much.

One of the many things I find interesting and a bit commical is that for all the modernization, roads, skyscrapers, a good many people with autos and iPods; horses and oxen are still used throughout. On the bridge leaving Concepcion there was a slight traffic jam (taco) as people slowed to pass a horse drawn cart crossing the 2km bridge. Now I know why in a city of 500,000 that there are signs on six lane thouroghfares indicating it is not permitted to conduct a horse cart on that roadway. Also, on the road back toward Los Angels, I saw many farmers ploghing their fields with oxen.

After picking up some food in Los Angels, I headed North to Salto Del Laja; Laja Falls.

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