Save the Day, Make’em Rich, Get’em Laid – The Truth About Leadership

Written by Jesse

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There seems to be an uptick in interest in leadership these days, especially among Gen Y. So I started thinking not about what leadership is – cause there are plenty of resources for that – but why we follow leaders (or something that looks like a leader) in the first place. Are we sheep or something? Here is what I came up with. Oh, and you really only have to be great at one of these but, more than one makes you a superhero.

Save the day:
We all love heroes. We all have heroes. Even heroes have heroes. Heroes are leaders. Why? Because we all want to think that there is someone out there smarter and braver than us. It gives us a standard to aspire to and makes us feel secure that when our ass is in a sling, someone will save us – even if that someone is you acting like your hero. Who’s your hero? They are one of your leaders even if they and you don’t know it.

Make’em Rich:
Rich, famous or exciting. We follows those we think are going to do one or all those things for our life. We follow leaders who we believe will make us rich (financially, experientially, etc.) Don’t believe me? Then why do these blogs have such enormous followings:

Penelope Trunk
I Will Teach You To Be Rich
Zen Habits
Corbett Barr

Get’em Laid:
This goes along with the other two. Men, make a woman feel that being with you will keep her safe or feel adventurous, and you’re getting laid. Women, just make the man feel like bedding you is an adventure and he is there (ok, this is for the man you want to fuck, not the ones because you’re bored).

So as I was composing this post I thought, “Hey, that is what I want my blog to do.”  Yes, follow my blog and I will help you feel more secure (financially, physically, psychologically and emotionally) about being adventurous (because when you feel secure, being adventurous is easier). Help you be rich. Yep, I said I am going to help you be rich, however you define it. And I am going to improve your sex life ( get you laid, laid more, and have more fun at it).

So, if you want to get laid, be rich and feel secure all while having an adventurous life. Subscribe by email or rss.

Yes, there will be times I post about something I am doing that may not seem adventurous to you yet. But, since I have a frame of mind that makes getting out (or staying in) bed adventurous, they serve to show you how everything doesn’t have to be about motorcycling or taking greatest American road trip to be adventurous.

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