Skunk, Barbecue!

Written by Jesse

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Skunk, barbecue, oil and wildflowers. In a car the the the environmental filter shields travelers from the aromas encountered on the road. However, on a motorcycle, everything and I mean every smell imaginable enters the helmet and is thrust against the riders olfactory gland. When I speak with people who have never ridden, the first thing I talk about is that it is a fully interactive experience. There is no down time; every sense is always working at maximum input. This is the joy of the journey, in a car, you are merely going from one map dot to the next, with maybe some scenery in between if you are lucky. On a bike however, site, smell, touch and hearing are always engaged. What about taste? Dead skunk, barbecue, oil and wildflowers are all tasted while smelled. So take the good with bad and enjoy the journey.

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  1. Ian H says:

    Watch out for those man eating Jack Rabbits, and that killer Cacti. Get some more posts and pictures up. And keep eating the skunk, I hear it’s good for you. 😉

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