Thermals Pellaife

Written by Jesse

Topics: Adventures, Chile

It´s no secret that Chile has a ton of thermal baths, termases; but if you haven´t ever visited such a place, you would not know that they can be an almost spiritual experience. After examining several sites and testing the water, I settled on Termas de Pellaife on Lago Pellaife. This place has the right mix of amenities and rustic feel. The cabañas don´t have hot water because you wash in the tinas – an oversized concrete tub with constant hot water flowing. The main pool is outside but has a roof to keep the rain out with another pool completely outside. With all the rain, any pool completely exposed is cold from the rain – which can be a refreshing change from the hot bath, but not something to soak in. I found the other termases to either be resort style, meaning completely indoors and full of people or not having a cover so exposed to the rain. So I took my perch in the main pool with a constant resupply of fresh heated water from the underground thermal. From here I could hear and see the rain falling just a few feet away and watch one of three waterfalls in the distant. When I got too heated, I just jumped out and stood in the bracing rain for a few minutes, then back to the heated pool and the companionship of the elements.

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