This has to be an SNL skit.

Written by Jesse

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Chilenos are very big on family. As apparent by the number of single young mothers in this country, but that is a different post. Anyway, I have been ¨adopted¨ by a local family. I know this because the mother calls me hijo or sometimes hijo perdido (lost son). And in the Chilean fashion, I call her tia. I know her whole family. She is older and lives alone, so for the price of a good breakfast, I went over the other morning and mowed her small lawn and chopped firewood for her stove. Now, as most of you know, in the US it is not uncommon to see a latino mowing some white persons yard. Also we have all heard the stories of someone holding a professional job in their own country only to be a dishwasher or yard man in the US. So you can imagine how comical it was for me to be mowing this lady´s yard. We even had a laugh about it and when some people came to visit, she said I was her gringo gardener and that I did not speak Spanish. I am telling you, this should be a skit on SNL.

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  1. Andra says:

    Classic!! I love your sense of humor!!!

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