Urban Trails

Urban Trails

Written by Jesse

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One of the things I love about being in a new place is scouting the ins and outs. I have often received remarks from people, who have more time in a place than I, how much more I know about the layout, where things are and secret spots. When I arrive in a place I start looking for the footpaths, alleyways, little used backstreets and other urban trails. I then start walking, probing, exploring these areas. Sometimes the footpath goes 10 feet and ends. But, sometimes you duck through some underbrush and find an abandoned municipal park, unused railway, or in one case I found an abandoned municipal swimming pool that had a small forest growing around it.

Here in Villarrica, I have found a little used urban trail system winding its way through a wood area then goes along a small canal, you cross a old wood homemade bridge that is about six feet long and travel on a footpath behind and overlooking the backyards of some of the nicest homes her. The view in many places is spectacular. There is a spot where you are overlooking the city, across the lake and can clear see Volcano Llaima in the distance. This trail entrance for me is about three blocks away and only once have I ever encountered someone else there and they were as surprised as I to see another person there.

Trails.com has a section devoted to listing some of the most popular city trails in the USA. If you have a favorite official or unofficial trail in or around where you live, please share it here in the comments. At some point I plan to make a section listing these.

You might also be interesting in Susan’s post over at Creative Guide to Life post on how this sort of thing can help you with creativity.

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  1. Susan says:

    Thanks for including me! I love Trails, I used them when I was writing my hiking book on Long Island and my NYC iphone app.

    I’m completely inspired by urban nature hiding in plain site. Love the site! We need more of this kind of content out there.

  2. Clive Maund says:

    Good article. These urban trails enable you to get a new perspective on the place where you live and a more thorough knowledge of it. I remember once renting a canal boat in England with a bunch of friends, and making a journey between cities through the countryside. We were all surprised at how we saw the world we thought we knew from a completely new angle. NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

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