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Leaving Montevideo my plan was to travel to Cabo Polonia and hide out for three or four days. Well as it turns out, I miss calculated my pesos and did not have enough to eat, stay and make it back to Montevideo on. Now, you have to know that Cabo Polonia can only be reached by four weel drive; About four kilometers of sand dune separates this isolated village from the road. Also, most of the village is without power. Thus began my search for a cajero – ATM.

The first leg was from Cabo Polonia to Punta del Diablo. I had met some Uruguians on the truck ride back from the coast who saw me sitting at the bus stop; ok, it was just a grass patch by the side of the rode; and asked if I needed a lift. With great enthusiasm, I climbed inn the Honda Golf with Carolina, her mother Silvia, her daughter Hilary and “Choco” the dog. Now as luck has it, Carolina speaks very good English with a British accent and works in human resourses for PepsiCo, Hilary is learning English in school – she is 7 – and Choco, well… doesn’t speak English but communicated his dislike of one other male in the car. Again ladies, thanks for the lift.

After about ½ ride, we came to a cross road. The ladies where on their way further up the coast and I was making a sharp right turn. They let me out, we took pictures and they were on their way. From there I hitched a ride from a passing tow truck driver down into town about 4 miles away. Guess what!! No ATM. So I got a bus ticket to Chuy on the Brazilian border for $2.00 US and was off again. Now Chuy is a whole other story, but to keep it brief, I got cash and a room overnight and back to Diablo in the late morning. With cash in hand the seach for accommodations began. Lonely Planet listed El Diablo Tranquilo as being owned and operated by an American expat and I headed off for it. Well, it is peak season so there I was, a pocket full of pesos and no beds open in town. Seriously, Jesus would have had a hard time getting more then a stable…oh, wait. As luck, and Jesus would have it, a bed came open at a hostel with a beach view. Last open bed in town. $25 a night US for a four bed dorm at a hostel. This is expensive. My double room in BsAs was $18 a day and my private room at the best hotel in Chuy with a private bathroom was $25 a night; prices are about 80% lower in the off season from what I understand. Oh well, I am glad to have it. Also, although I don’t have a chance in hell, my three roommates are 18 year old bronze Brazilian girls who think a thong and string bikini top are formal wear.

So here I sit, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, waves rolling in, surrounded by enough skin to get a eunik hard, drinking my $2.00 liter of ice cold Heineken, writing this blog. My biggest worry is that I am going to have to make the 1 hour $4 round trip to Chuy tomorrow to get more cash. Or, as it turns out, El Diablo Tranquilo has enough cash on hand to give you currency against your debit card. This would have been helpful information yesterday.

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