What are those bumps on the horizon?

Written by Jesse

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The first day back on the trip took me out of West Texas and into Hill Country. Going South on 87, I went through San Angelo, then the trio of Eden, Brady and Mason. At Mason I picked up 29 to Llano then on to the area occupied by the Longhorn Cavern and Inks Lake State Parks, where I spent the night.

On 87 just a few miles South of Sterling City is a ranch unique in West Texas; complete with Town Hill, General Store, Church, Saloon and cowboys. The Minnie Brown Ranch was an unexpected treat that I had to turn around for. My words can not do it justice, so check out the pics. Next stop was in Eden. A friend turned me onto Venison World – “The 21st Century meat”. Do you like jerky? This is the place. I am able to get some revenge on those bambis outside of Ft. Davis. I got a forth pound of deer jerky that I will be eating on for the third day by the time this gets posted. I also picked up a scoop-it-yourself bag of Jelly Belly’s; my favorite flavors are Cappuccino and Dr. Pepper – do these things have caffeine? However, my favorite color is Orange Sherbet; got a pic of it too! And if you are looking for a site down place to eat, make it the City Limit Cafe on the Western edge of town. You don’t really have a choice since it is the only site down restaurant in town.

West of Brady is Brady Lake, created by a dam, the lake has a long windy coastline with several cuts in the foliage to allow access to the water. I almost made camp here on the lake. Next on the map was Mason. This is a town I would like to spend a couple of days in. On 29 there are a handful of well kept old homes and a leisurely town square that is the main shopping district. I even noticed a cafe with a balcony overlook as I buzzed through. Just as I was leaving town, I noticed the two blue electric cars parked atop a mound of ruble. Can you imagine the conversation just prior to this? Maybe some of you with kids can fill in the blanks.

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